The Repair Process

Advances in technology are great! Thanks to technology, cars on the road today are smarter and better than ever. But as great as these advances have been, technology alone can’t fix your car. Car repair still requires the wisdom and experience of someone who has spent a lot of time around automobiles of nearly every shape and size and understands their inner workings, technology included. That’s why in all the years that Mid-State has been in business, our diagnostic process hasn’t changed much. This process is what sets Mid-State Transmission and Auto Repair apart. There's more than one reason why we’re the pros.TestDrive

  1. Customer Input. Whether it’s been one year or one decade—you know your car. Diagnosing a car problem is more than just plugging it into a computer. You’re the one who gets behind the wheel every day and knows your car’s specific clunks and purrs. So you’re the one who knows when something isn’t quite right. That’s why the repair process starts with input from you, our customer.
  2. Test-Drive. Often a quick trip around the block can be a great diagnostic tool. By adding what we learn during the test drive to the information gleaned from our conversation with you, we are well on our way to determining just what is causing the problem. 
  3. Computer Analysis. Today’s vehicles have a lot of electronics, and we know they are an important part of diagnosing what may be wrong with your car. After the initial testing, we’ll connect your vehicle to our diagnostic computer.
  4. Inspection. There’s nothing that can take the place of a manual inspection by a certified car technician. Our experienced team will take their time looking over the inner workings of your vehicle, paying special attention to areas that could be troublesome based on the information previously gathered.

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